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Downspout Repair in Raleigh, Wake Forest & Chapel Hill, NC

Ignoring a downspout that is worn out or damaged is not a good idea. Such an oversight can place your foundation, roof, and overall structure in danger of severe water damage. Downspouts require regular maintenance to assure the maximum water flow to protect your property. Damages will change that, requiring downspout repair services at your home or office in RaleighHolly SpringsWake Forest, Cary, or Rolesville.

For decades, The Carolina Roofing and Gutter Company has provided top-notch gutter-related services for homeowners and business owners in North Carolina. Our comprehensive list of gutter repair services includes downspout repairs. We also offer services that include gutter cleaning, gutter installation, gutter guards, and more. When you need our help in Garner, Zebulon, Clayton, Chapel Hill, and other cities that we serve, call 919-694-4191 to get a free estimate, or click here to contact us online today.

Signs That Your Downspouts Require Repair by Carolina Gutter Company

Technician is Repairing Downspouts

Downspouts play a crucial role in directing water away from your home's roof and foundation, preventing water damage and basement flooding. Over time, downspouts can become damaged or clogged, compromising their effectiveness. Common signs that indicate your downspouts may require repair include:

  • Water pooling: Water accumulating near the foundation of your property could indicate a downspout blockage or damaged section that needs repair.
  • Cracks, rust, or holes: Visible damage such as cracks, rust, or holes in the downspouts will hinder their functionality & effectiveness.
  • Overflowing gutters: If your gutters overflow during rainstorms, the downspouts may be clogged and are not be directing water away from your roof.
  • Disconnected downspouts: When downspouts are no longer securely attached to the gutters or walls, they will require repair or replacement.
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