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Perforated Metal Gutter Guards in Raleigh & Cary, NC

Gutter guards are installed to prevent debris, leaves, twigs, bird nests, and more from clogging your rain gutters. The most effective type of guards to prevent all of these potential perils are perforated metal gutter guards that allow only water to enter the gutter and flow smoothly toward the downspout and away from your roof and foundation. Various versions of these gutter guards ensure the highest quality protection from water damage to your home or office in North Carolina.

At The Carolina Roofing and Gutter Company, our certified craftsmen provide top-quality perforated metal guard installation services for customers in Raleigh, Cary, GarnerChapel Hill, Durham, and other cities throughout our North Carolina service area. Our perforated metal guards come in a variety of options to match the decor of your home or office. When you are ready to choose and install the gutter guards that are perfect for your property, call us today at 919-694-4191 or click here to schedule an installation of perforated metal gutter guards today at your property in Wake Forest, Rolesville, Zebulon, or Clayton

How We Install Perforated Metal Guards in Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill

Metal gutter guard installed

At The Carolina Gutter Company, we realize that installing perforated metal gutter guards will increase your property value. That's why we follow a time-tested installation protocol that includes:

  • Evaluate the best size, hole pattern, and material for the property.
  • Clear the installation area of debris and obstacles.
  • Measure and mark attachment points for maximum water flow.
  • Cut and shape the perforated metal sheets if needed.
  • Securely attach the guards to the structure.
  • Inspect and test the installed guards for defects and functionality.
  • Set up a maintenance schedule for regular cleaning and inspections.
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Trust Us to Install Your Perforated Gutter Guards in Garner, Wake Forest, & Raleigh

The Carolina Roofing and Gutter Company is the leading gutter service and roofing contractor in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, and other cities throughout our service area in North Carolina. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. To implement that, we deliver custom-tailored gutter guard installations for homeowners and business owners throughout the region. That includes installing perforated metal gutter guards. To learn more about us, dial 919-694-4191 or click here to schedule an installation today at your home or office.

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