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Gutter Styles in Raleigh & Wake Forest, NC

Water may destroy a home's structure, siding, landscaping, and roof, but gutters can divert the water away from those vulnerable areas. Effective gutters, of which there are a variety of designs, may help prevent mold development, rust, corrosion, flooded basements, and other problems. The purpose of them is security, regardless of how they seem or if they match the aesthetic of your house in Wake Forest and other cities around the service area. So make sure to call us today at 919-694-4191 or click here to get a free estimate.

If you want the installation of gutter styles for your home then you can rely on Carolina Gutter Co. Our team of experts will reach your place, assess the area, and suggest what type of gutter style is beneficial for your home.


Common Types of Gutter Styles

Some common types of gutter styles that can be installed for your house are mentioned below-

  • K-Style Gutters: It wasn't until the 1950s that people started installing K-style gutters, sometimes called colonial or ogee gutters. A large portion of American houses has K-style gutters, making it the most common gutter profile. The gutter takes on the profile of the letter "K" when seen from the side, thus the name. From the gutter's base up, it makes two gentle curves to the left and right before ending with another brief straight segment. K-style gutters come in both 5- and 6-inch widths, the former being the more prevalent. However, K-style gutters have a greater capacity for water than conventional gutter profiles of the same size due to their unique form.
  • Fascia Gutters: Fascia gutters, which mimic the look of fascia, are often used in replacement of fascia boards or in areas where fascia boards have not been put. There are many fascia profiles from which to choose when purchasing fascia gutters, including crown mold, two-step, and flat face.
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We at Carolina Gutter Co provide a wide range of services when it comes to gutter installation solutions. We have been providing gutter installation services like galvanized gutters, copper gutters, etc in Cary, Zebulon, and other regions around the service area. So to take advantage of our services call us today at 919-694-4191 or click here to contact us online.

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